Rio Andika Putra, Darwin Yuwono Riyanto, Ixsora Gupita Cinantya


Abstract:  Ra.Men restaurant is a growing business in the field of culinary and has stood in the area of Gayungsari Barat, Surabaya since 2014. Restaurants have added value because the products are sold is a typical food product originating from the country of Japan. For example Ramen and Sushi. For Surabaya environment. Especially the area Gayungsari, Restaurant is quite well known by the community and has had a number of customers. But along with the development of time, began many other typical Japanese restaurant that stands in the area Gayungsari, for example Chirashi Sushi and Wasabi Yatai. This is considered to threaten the existence of Restaurant long standing. To prevent that it is necessary to make the development of media promotion Ra.Men Restaurant as an effort to increase Brand Loyalty. Qualitative research is conducted with interviews, observation, documentation, and literature studies, eksisting studies and competitor studies to obtain the data used as a basis in the development of design concepts. The concept of design in the development of promotion media Ra.Men Restaurant as an effort to increase brand loyalty is "Fusion". In this case "Fusion" means restaurant wants to be a typical Japanese restaurant in Surabaya by serving Fusion Cuisen, which combines the flavor of Japanese ramen with special taste of Indonesia and of course with an affordable price, so it can be accepted and enjoyed by all people and all walks of life. The concept is implemented in creative and media strategies. The end result of this development is expected to increase consumer loyalty and form a perception of a product increasingly known to the public.


Keywords: Development, Brand Loyalty,Restaurant

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