Perancangan Buku Ilustrasi Digital Pembelajaran di Pondok Modern Gontor Putri 5 Sebagai Upaya Memperkenalkan Cara Belajar Santri

Ghina Citra Mutiara, Hardman Budiardjo, Florens Debora Patricia


Abstract : Learn is making everyone try to change in a better direction to achieve their goals. Therefore, everyone have to understand their own learning ability, each individual has different characters abilities and that can be honed perfectly if the individual finds the right method for himself.

Santriwati at Pondok Modern Gontor Putri 5 has a creative way of thinking to invite themselves to learn in a different way, fun, and according to the character and ability of each individual. Some santriwati memorize the lesson with a loud voice in the middle of the field, the other one summarize the textbooks on a piece of paper and folded it into sections for easy carrying, memorizing a lesson while waiting in line in the bathroom, and many more. These styles of learning they find themselves without being taught by teachers, because these patterns are formed from the habits, psychological aspects, learning methods, and also a conducive learning environment at Pondok Modern Gontor Putri 5. Departing from the problem, then this research is intended to design the media in the form of illustration book with digital illustration techniques that can communicate the unique ways of learning that according to santriwati experiences at Pondok Gontor Putri 5, which can be an example by the students especially junior and senior high school.

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